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Scenario Based Instructor Certification Program

July 11, 2022 - July 15, 2022

Scenerio Based Instructor Certification Program

Presented by: Mission Critical Concepts Training

Monday – Friday, July 11 – 15, 2022, 8 AM – 5 PM.

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This course is designed to address the growing demand placed upon Law Enforcement Training Programs and to prepare the Departmental Use of Force or Firearms Instructor with the basis and expertise to design, implement and run an integrated Scenario Based Training Program.  Scenario based and simulation programs are an exceptional method of training and skill building for police agencies, however they can be very complex and difficult programs to create and execute that can easily result in training problems, safety issues, accidents, and injuries for those who design, operate, or participate in these specialized programs. Because Scenario based training provides the highest level, most critical and technically complete training available to officers and departments, trainers MUST have the special skills, background, and expertise to effectively operate and administrate a quality Scenario based Simulated Munitions and Scenario Based training program. This course will address the following program issues:

  • Legal Liabilities both departmental and instructional
  • Instructional Roles – OIC, RSO and Safety Officers
  • Training Methodology
  • Scenario Planning, Design, Implementation and Operations.
  • Lesson Planning Creation – Goals and Objectives
  • Program Implementation
  • Role Player Selection and Training
  • Selection, Safety, Use and Implementation Simmunitions and Force on Force Equipment
  • Site Creation, Selection, Preparation and Use.
  • Site and Program Safety – Student, Instructional and Role-player.
  • Program Benchmarking
  • Program Standards and Evaluations.
  • Debriefing – Program, Participant, and Outcome Based results.
  • Live Scenario FTX’s
  • Additional relevant topics

This course involves extended hours program with course work and Lesson Plan preparation that will need to be completed outside of course hours.

Participants who successfully complete this course will be certified as Integrated-Scenario Based Instructors / Trainers.

POST Credits: 50 Hours

Student Equipment Needs:
Classroom: Note taking equipment, Thumb Drive(s) computer optional but recommended. 3 x 5 Note cards, colored Sharpie Markers. Scenario Equipment:  Red Man Suits, Fist Suits, High Gear Suits, Protective Gear, (Mouth Guard, Safety Glasses, Cup and / or Groin Protector, Safety Gloves – Mechanix Type) Simms or Force on Force Helmet / Face Shield and Neck Protector, Weapons (Simmunitions Handgun, Rifle, Shot Guns, Simmunitions Conversions Kits, Bolts, Slides, Etc.) Simmunitions or Force on Force Ammunition Types: 50 Rounds of 5.56 and 50 Rounds of Handgun Type) Props – Training Knives, Soft Batons, Inert Spray, Mock Taser, etc. Duty Belt and related equipment, Duty Ballistic Vest, No Tactical Vests, Safety Glasses, First Aid Kit and IFAK.

NO LIVE AMMUNITION is required or allowed for this course!! 

Note: Full course joining orders will be sent upon registration.


July 11, 2022
July 15, 2022
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