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Advanced Search And Seizure

March 19, 2020


Presented by: Professional Law Enforcement Training

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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  • Understanding the 4th Amendment
  • Up-to-date Court Rulings Regarding Search & Seizure
  • Search Warrant Exceptions
  • Vehicle Searches
  • School Searches
  • Warrantless Search of Cell Phones
  • Search Warrant Preparation
  • Penal Interest Search Warrants
  • Anticipatory Search Warrants
  • Overcoming "Knock & Announce" Requirements
  • Search Warrant Suppression Hearings
  • Dangers of Search Warrant Execution
  • Working with Prosecutors
  • Scenario-Based Exercises
  • From Search Warrant Affiant to Prison (Dangers of Inaccurate Information)
  • Civil Liability for Police Officers

Search and Seizure case law is consistently changing in the United States, and this directly impacts law enforcement officers’ ability to legally conduct searches during criminal investigations, pedestrian encounters, and traffic stops. All law enforcement officers are familiar with the words of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In theory, this should be an easy principle to follow; however, it is one of the most challenging parts of real-world policing. Thousands of cases are lost every year across the country due to illegal searches by law enforcement. This one-day training course will provide officers the most up-to-date court rulings impacting search and seizure. Officers will not only get a refresher on the 4th Amendment and search warrant exceptions, but a practical application will be applied.

Real-world scenarios will be presented in class to encourage discussions. Often, classes become divided on whether an example was a “good search” or “bad search.” Officers will learn from the scenarios and are better prepared to answer the tough questions in court if a warrant is challenged. Far too often, officers rely heavily on the buzzwords “consent to search,” “officer safety,” “plain view,” or “protective sweep,” believing that using this terminology alone grants them the right to search and/or seize items during a lawful encounter. However, when questioned in court, the officers fail to articulate on the buzzwords creating reasonable doubt in the eyes of the Judge or Jury.

This course provides sound search and seizure techniques that will aid officers in building a solid case supported by evidence. Officers will also learn how to draft penal interest search warrants, anticipatory search warrants, and techniques to overcome the “Knock & Announce” requirements. Over the past several years, dozens of law enforcement officers have been sent to prison because of falsifying search warrant affidavits. Case studies will be presented to show officers how taking shortcuts in search warrant affidavits can lead to unemployment and felony convictions.

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March 19, 2020
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