Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement


Presented by: MN State Patrol

Friday, June 14, 2019, 8 AM- 6 PM.

9 POST credits

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This course will instruct officers on the difference between alcohol and drug impaired drivers; how they are detected and what can be expected. Officers will learn the observable signs of seven major drug categories, medical conditions that mimic drug influence, and what they will see when they encounter drivers under the influence of specific drugs. This course is a prerequisite for those attending DRE School.


Standard Field Sobriety Testing


Presented by: MN State Patrol

Wednesday – Thursday, June 12 – 13, 2019, 12 PM – 9 PM.   $49 (to cover expenses only)

16 POST credits

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This SFST is a 24-hour course that will guide police officers through the traffic stop, the face-to-face interview, SFSTs, processing, report writing, and courtroom testimony. By incorporating classroom, dry run, and practical exercises, officers will be better prepared to detect and remove impaired drivers, making our roads safer for every Minnesotan.


Volunteer Drinking for Standard Field Sobriety Testing

Volunteer Drinking for Standard Field Sobriety Testing

Now is your chance to help officers train…


Adults, 21 and over, who have never participated in this opportunity before are eligible.


You may only register for 1 session.  Click on either of the following dates:

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 —  3:30 – 8:30 PM

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 —  3:30 – 8:30 PM     —  FULL!


Volunteer civilian drinkers are needed for Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST). This course is attended by law enforcement officers from throughout the metro area. It is conducted by the MN State Patrol.

The South Metro Public Safety Training Facility is seeking 12 people (age 21 & over) each day to serve as test subjects. In a controlled environment, volunteers drink measured amounts of alcoholic beverages (hard liquor; no beer or wine) over a two hour period, followed by sobriety testing conducted by law enforcement officers. Participants will be breathalyzed before and after officer testing.


Four things will be required of all participants:

1) Have never participated in this event before.

2) Proof of Age (Bring ID with you).

3) Sign waiver form: DrinkerWAIVERform.Jun2019 & email to info@localhost

4) A designated driver to pick you up after the event (You will need to enter this at time of registration.  Uber/Lyft are not an accepted form of transportation per MN State Patrol’s request.)

Alcoholic beverages, snacks and hot dogs will be provided. Register now, spots fill up fast!