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S.T.O.R.M. Combatives- Command and Control 101 for Patrol Supervisors

March 24


S.T.O.R.M. Combatives - Command and Control 101 for Patrol Supervisors

Presented by: STORM Combatives

March 24, 2022, 8AM - 4PM

Tuition: $199/ student

For more information and to register, click here:  To register, click here.


STORM Training Group presents Command and Control 101 for Patrol Sergeants. The objective of this course is to train patrol sergeants and aspiring patrol sergeants on the skills and techniques needed for successful active critical incident management. Students will learn command and control techniques for before, during, and after a critical incident. Students will broaden their understanding of tactical de-escalation, contact team development and implementation, span of control, and managing emotions surrounding a critical incident. Students can expect improved skills in conducting effective role calls and de-briefs increasing officer's ability to effectively handle critical situations.

Leadership is critical to the success of law enforcement, corrections and security professionals. This course will cover the most fundamental aspects of leadership for first line supervisors, while providing useful tools and concepts valuable to even the most experienced patrol sergeants and supervisors. This class is primarily lecture format with some break-out group activities in support of the above learning objectives.​


Pen and paper/notebook


Troy Greene

Testimonials from Troy's recent Courses:

"The instructor has more experience and tactial knowledge than any other instructor I've seen.  This class gave me confidence and perspective needed to take on my new position as patrol supervisor."

-Sgt. Brian Boekhoff, Eagan P.D.

"The instructors are actual officers, and Troy Greene's specialty is Incident Command. So very knowledgeable.  What I liked most about the training was the scenarios and tabletop exercises, the index cards about the fears that we (the class) are all thinking the same things."

-Susan Schultz, Orono P.D.​

"Troy brings a wealth of experience to the table. Great stories and examples.  What I liked most about the course was how practical this was to the job. Makes you think about calls you've been on or could encounter.  Loved the table tops!"

-Ben Rieke, Marshall P.D.​

"If you had not introduced Troy as a Commander, I would not have guessed his position/title based on his presentation because during the class he caters to the officer/first level supervisor.  Knowing he's part of St. Paul's command staff, but can relate to the lower level officer, shows his ability to instruct and relate to all levels of police."

-Sgt. Jake Heckert, Edina P.D.​

"Troy definitely knows how to train.  Knows his stuff.  Very interesting, not boring - I would attend another training by Troy.  My favorite part of the class was the scenarios on how to prepare - discussion about slowing down tactical engagement.  Everything was great, I learned a lot."​

"The instructor was very engaging.  Lots of firsthand knowledge and experience which is valuable in a training setting.  Table tops can be daunting but these scenarios were structured in a way that was helpful without being too involved."​

"Very articulate. Draws from experience."​"Extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and straight forward.  My favorite part was being engaged all day and not bored ."​

"Troy is very knowledgeable and shared his personal experience to get his point across. The discussions and table tops were helpful."​"Spoke well and kept the class interesting.  Felt like he wanted to be there.  The best part of the course was the 1st and 2nd Sgt. duties outline and case law examples."​

"What I liked most about this course was the self assessment.  I have fears about being a new supervisor, and this gives me a new perspective!  The instructor has hands-on knowledge of the topics discussed!"

For more information, email stormcombatives@gmail.com or call (651) 245-5525.


March 24
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