Facility Rental Information

The South Metro Public Safety Training Facility is a state-of-the-art firefighting and law enforcement training facility.

Facilities include classrooms, tactical gym, firearms simulator, two gun ranges, and a live fire training tower, etc. Courses include MN POST Board accredited classes, investigation techniques, train the trainer classes, firearms instruction, etc.

It is our mission to provide high quality, cost effective training and development for public safety organizations through shared resources to ensure premier public safety services to our communities.

Facilities for our law enforcement and firefighting personnel include classrooms, defensive tactics gym, shooting ranges, simulators, functional tower, and more.


Media Setup
– Overhead projector with screen
– Markerboard

  • 30 seat North classroom – $240
  • 40 seat BW classroom – $240
  • 50 seat South classroom – $240
  • 80 seat new classroom – $450

*evening & 1/2 day rates available

Shooting Range

  • 2 Indoor Ranges

-Large Range: 12 bays (25-50 yards)
$250/hour (min 2 hrs.)

-Small Range: 4 bays (15 yards)
$150/hour (min 2 hrs.)

  • Lights, Distance & Movement
  • Caswell Target System

Gun Cleaning Room

  • 5 Stations
  • Solvents, Compressed Air, Oil Available
  • No additional cost.

Defensive Tactics Gym

  • 1100 Square Feet
  • Wall Pads, Floor Mats, Heavy Bags
  • $240 per day (1/2 day $150)


Package A: $850 – 4 hours on site, two hours of burn time (1 burner per hour)

Package B: $1,175* 5 hours on site, three hours of burn time (1 burner per hour) + 1 burn operator

Package C: $1500* 6 hours on site, four hours of burn time (1 burner per hour) + 2 burn operators*Add $180 to total package if burners will be run simultaneously.

Package D: $85/hr.* for tactical use only. Add $35/hour each for use of water and/or smoke, max. $400/ day

The tower provides tactical training opportunities for both police and fire functions including but not limited to entry, search, and repelling. Features include built-in tie-off points, concrete walls for simulation exercises, and ventilation for chemical-agent environments. A two-story residential simulator and seven-story tower provide a variety of training opportunities for both firefighters and law enforcement officers including but not limited to:

  • Simulation Training
  • Rappelling up to eight floors (built-in tie-off points on each floor)
  • Tactical entry and search
  • Building search
  • Active shooter training
  • Explosive Entry
  • Rappelling up to eight floors (built-in tie-off points on each floor)
  • Kitchen fire simulation room (2nd floor)
  • Living room fire simulation room (1st floor)
  • Bedroom fire simulation room (6th floor)
  • Confined space rescue
  • Mask maze
  • Smoke generator
  • Search and rescue
  • Ladder drills
  • Commercial roof
  • Roof ventilation
  • Full standpipe and sprinkler system

All rentals must complete a Use Agreement 

Facilities Deposit/Cancellation Policy: We require a deposit of 20% of facility rental fee at the time of booking, which is fully refundable if the rental is cancelled prior to 10 business days of the event. The remaining balance is due on or before the first day of the rental. We must also ensure that we have the following on file: use agreement, certificate of insurance, if applicable, a certificate of tax exemption