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Courtroom Survival Techniques

March 20


Presented by: Professional Law Enforcement Training

Friday, March 20, 2020

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  • Connecting with the Judge & Jury
  • Expert Testimony Qualifications
  • Common Mistakes Made
  • Defense Attorney Traps
  • Mental Preparation
  • Reducing the Anxiety of Testifying
  • Nonverbal Communications
  • Articulation of Responses
  • Proper Report Writing
  • Limitations of Testifying
  • Prosecutor Expectations
  • Courtroom Ethics

Effective courtroom testimony by law enforcement officials is a must in today’s world of case prosecution. The challenging work is done by law enforcement to make a case is in vain if the prosecution of that case is not successful. Successful prosecution depends in part on a competent and adept presentation by the law enforcement officer who is on the witness stand to the judge and/or jury hearing and deciding the case in the courtroom. Most law enforcement officers receive little, if any, formal training regarding courtroom testimony. Often they are left to wing it or to learn-as-they-go. Thus, testifying can often be an anxiety-producing experience that leaves the officer wishing for a “do-over.”


The courtroom is a different world.  The nuances of effective testimony can be easily overlooked by the law enforcement official who underestimates their importance. With television shows and the news media greatly shaping the public’s perception of law enforcement, today’s officer on the witness stand faces an uphill battle if he/she is not equipped with tips for testifying. The Courtroom Testimony training course focuses on bringing the law enforcement officer mentally into the courtroom. This one-day course will teach officers the do’s and don’ts of testifying. They will learn how and why a personal connection must be made with the judge/jury and how to identify and protect their personal credibility.


Officers will learn when and why they may be called to the witness stand and the importance as well as the limitations of testifying. Preparation tips will be provided to minimize the risks inherently associated with testifying.  In addition, specific techniques will be presented to teach officers how to counter standard/favorite tactics used by defense attorneys.

To view the course flyer, click here: Courtroom Survival Techniques


March 20
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