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Body Language for Law Enforcement (One Face Training)

June 13


Attend the ultimate course in understanding and analyzing body language. In this comprehensive training led by instructor Sean Grogan, you will gain invaluable insights into the subtle movements and non-verbal cues that you may be missing when speaking with people. The course dispels body language myths and provides an in-depth analysis of non-verbal behavior. The skills you will learn will enhance your ability to communicate with the public and effectively interview.

Throughout the course, Sean Grogan dives deep into the world of nonverbal behavior. You will learn detailed movements within 4 regions of the body and non-verbal vocal changes that often manifest during interviews. You will be presented with scientific research related to facial expressions and other non-verbal communication. By acquiring this knowledge, you will no longer have to rely solely on vague “gut feelings” but instead possess concrete observational skills you can articulate to yourself and others.

Sean Grogan is a former special investigation detective, canine handler, and gang investigator. Grogan received extensive training in Europe on non-verbal communication, holds a trainer’s certification from the Body Language Institute, and worked as a mentor for Joe Navarro’s Body Language Academy. He is also the esteemed author of the book Beware the Body.

Articulate Non-verbal Behaviors
Understand Body Language Myths
Recognize Types of Body Language Movements
Identify Non-verbal Vocal Changes
Understand Facial Expression Research
Develop knowledge of the concepts of lsopraxism & Proxemics
Learn how to use Non-verbal Communication in Interviews

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June 13
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